Vegan diets for children can lead to severe health problems including epilepsy and developmental disorders, expert warns


Chief physician Dr Lund warns that diets with food restrictions such as veganism can lack vitamin B12

Chief physician Allan M. Lund at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen claims that vegan food can have severe consequences and has joined in a fierce debate in Denmark about the suitability of a growing number of families who feed their children on a vegan diet. 

The problem is that poor food, which needs vitamin B12 added, can have serious consequences for children and several who had been on a vegan diet have been treated at the medical centre.

Dr Lund told a local TV channel:"Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms - with muscle weakness, poor contact and epilepsy. And in the long term possibly mental retardation."

He added that parents should not completely remove meat, eggs and dairy products from small children's diet - without consulting a dietician.

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