Isjias, Lumbago og B12


 Isjiasnerven er den lengste nerven i kroppen. Den går fra hoften over baken og  ned i begge bena. Hvis du opplever skarp smerte i nedre del av ryggen, over rumpa og ned baksiden av lårene eller baksiden av leggene,  opplever du  smerte fra isjiasnerven. Denne smerten kan gå bort igjen, avhengig av hva årsaken er, men det kan være svært ubehagelig og bli kronisk. Isjias kan indikere en B12-mangel.

Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation, numbness or tingling. Walking or bending from the waist will aggravate the pain. While some people experience severe and debilitating pain, others suffer from infrequent and irritating bouts of pain. Sciatic nerve pain is a symptom, indicating another problem involving the nerve. Although sciatic nerve pain can be related to a B12 deficiency, it can have other causes such as a herniated disk. Seek medical attention if you experience progressive weakness in the leg or bladder or bowel incontinence, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Vitamin B12 in low back pain: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.


The efficacy and safety of parenteral Vitamin B12 in alleviating low back pain and related disability and in decreasing the consumption of paracetamol was confirmed in patients with no signs of nutritional deficiency.